“Haaientand” vulling premolaar 3.5

Deze doortastende Friese boer, leeftijd 51 jaar wilde nu een uitgevallen composiet vulling van premolaar 3.5 gerepareerd. Licht bloederige en wat gevoelige ontstekingsverschijnselen deden zich nog wel voor. Na voldoende ozon toediening werd het verantwoord geacht om direct een glascarbomeer GCP “haaientand” vulling te plaatsen. Dankzij de zelf genezende eigenschappen van het vulmateriaal zal dit herstel van de tandwortel ondersteunen. Een FX100 schildje van Garrison ondersteund door een FX400 Fusion ring, zonder wig, werd distaal gezet. Na mixing voor 15s werd de vulling in de wat vochtig gehouden caviteit geplaatst. Belichting voor 5 keer 30s. Na nog 5 minuten chemische setting werd de reparatie afgewerkt met slow torque Garrison eZr coarse flat end grinder FPZC010-X. Beoogde levensduur 20 jaar. Berekend tarief € 130.



Praktijk: Simmerdyk 6, 8601 ZP Sneek

Healozon is een voor Nederlandse begrippen niet-erkende tandtherapie. U wordt geholpen door een tandzorgprofessional, géén erkende tandarts opgenomen in het wettelijke B.I.G. register. Wilt u worden geholpen door een conventionele tandarts erkend door een overheidsregister zoek dan een andere praktijk. Tandbederf wordt hier behandeld met ozon aangemaakt en toegediend door een instrument van het merk HealOzone type X4 next generation. Er wordt niet geboord in lichaamseigen tandweefsel. Ozon bestaat uit positieve zuurstof radicalen O2+ opgewekt in een ontladingscilinder onder 13 MegaVolt gevormd tot O3. Een extreem sterke oxidator die tandbeen tot in de wortelpunt steriel maakt door bacteriën te verwerken tot CO2 – kooldioxide en dit af te pompen onder een vacuum van 50 milibar. Vervolgens worden beneficiale bacteriën aangewakkerd om mineralen en eiwitten onder invloed van vitaminen en enzymen tandweefsel te helpen mineraliseren. Optimaal een natuurlijke immuniteit voor het behoud van het lichaamseigen gebit. Wortelkanaalbehandeling en extractie wordt voorkomen. Ook geschikt voor behandeling van vroegere of mislukte wortelkanaalbehandeling. Ozon helpt kronen, bruggen en implantaten langer in stand te houden. Uitermate geschikt voor behandeling van parodontitis. De enige praktijk die HealOzone stand alone aanbiedt. Zo bent u er zeker van dat er niet alsnog wordt geboord of getrokken zonder dat u er achter staat. Geen voorbehouden handelingen. Geen BIG tandarts. Geen vergoedingscodes. Vrije tarieven. Innovatief met duurzame zelf genezende “haaientand glazuur” vullingen. Voor mensen die soeverein eigen verantwoording nemen voor hun gebit en algehele gezondheid en levens verlengde behandelingen. Sterf niet kort na uw zeventigste! (Al zou dit een meevaller zijn voor de staat.) Blijf stralen als een ster en voeg 20 tot 50 jaren extra aan uw leven toe. Bel direct voor tandhealing op 0515431260 of 0515411411

Amalgam replacement 4.7 with GCP


This lady research Publisher 59 years of age from the province of Drenthe came in with a loose partially broken off amalgam filling. With a diamond drill the old amalgam was split in two and easily removed. A wide cup 8mm diameter 20mm long was applied on the molar 4.7 tooth for 60s with Ozone from HealOzone X4 Next Generation. A Garrison FX175 matrix shield with a wedge type WDYL Extra Small held in place with a holding ring type Wide Prep FX600 was used for the Glass Carbomer mixture colour A2 placement. Light cured for 5 times 30s and chemically hardened for 5 more minutes. Access removal and modeling as finish. A life expectancy was humbly requested of fourty years. With the self curing properties of these “shark teeth” glass particles held together with carbon groups and polymers special ion formula this is not outrageous but realistic. However if anything might happen these type of fillings can easily be repaired. No reactions, after pain or secondary cariës is to be expected at all. A small piece of amalgam adhered still solidly and was left in place.

Ozondental school of higher education




video script Hi, my name is Y. Jacob Brandsma. I want to talk to you, invite your input in this preliminary phase of enquiry, what you think about this post-graduate ozondental course. It will not be just looking and working on dentition but rather it would be an integrative approach checking on all systems like cardio vascular, endocrine, metabolism, intestinal organs including gut mucosa, neurology, musculoskeletal et cetera. As you see your patients on a regular basis you will notice all kinds of signals and you may develop your expertise in knowing to provide just the right measures, materials and products which will help them through the challenges they are facing. For example, fourty percent of your people may have Lime disease and these damn spirochaetes tend to hide in teeth. You will weed them out with ozone but the whole immune system needs to be taken into account including getting rid of Ebstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus while improving lymph drainage and vascular circulation. Eighty percent may have thyroid issues requiring collodial iodine and you need to know where to get a reliable proven product. The endocrine axis is essential for the adrenals and pancreas function being related to diabetes. This system when deranged will lead to signs of fibromyalgia, chronic fatique and reumatoid symptoms. We will get together with a group of interested parties as possible founding members of a charter to be set up, to be integrated into a foundation as a Legal entity for developing schools of higher education in particular ozondentalcare in combination with advanced sciences to promote general health and longevity. Yes, getting old is like a disease. How do you and your people want to live in years to come? Barely able to move about, in a wheelchair, in a nursing home? Or roaming about on your mountain bike and everything well into your 90+ 100+ and more should become the new normal. The choice is yours. If it is to be it is up to you. Please email me to get an invitation for 14th July year 2018 and share your views on the future of dentistry and general medicine to be incorporated in a document for the education foundation to be set up. Thank you.


Healozontand Hogeschool in corporation


This is to announce that we are in the preliminary phase of incorporating a Dental School of Higher education. A founding convention is planned on the date of 14th July 2018 from 8pm onwards location to be announced. Interested parties are invited to share their views on the future of dentistry as things will develop the following 200 years. These views, opinions and professional expertise will be incorporated in a Mission statement, after examining social proof and market desires, wants and needs. The Mission statement and vision document will be incorporated in the Foundation to be formally set up later this year. We are noting that present day dentistry is excellent in all kinds of repairs, restorations and prosthetics. However, essentially drilling away affected cariës tissue instead of curing it, can be considered in principle as a rather crude violation of the integrity of the patients body and dentition. Modern day root canal treatments are so dangerous in its consequences that in my humble opinion this approach should be phased out, if not soon at least later. Composite fillings should be screened not to have Bisphenol, HEMA and that kind of hormone disruptors as a present day generation is suffering with endocrine disfunctioning due to these procedures. Just a few examples. Working together with present day established universities, great and they will all get invited. Same as the ministry of OCW, inspection of education, dentists unions and advisors. Please email us if you have a professional interest to participate and you are likely to get an invitation. We are considering to convene on a small Island in the south of Friesland. Problem is to get there on foot you need to walk through 70cm of water for 900m or come by boat. This slight hindrance is built in to make sure everybody is sincere and qualified. It should be fun with great food as well such as rump steaks from authentic grazing cows and excellent drinks like craft beers with moderate alcohol. On request locally distilled whiskey from Frisian Horse. A special website is in the making but I did not want to let you wait. Possible founding members may come from anywhere in the world. Students of the school will go on international excursions anyway. Have a lot of fun in Friesland, Holland and you may prolong your stay.
P.S. This initiative has been screened and accorded with two professional advisors to underline the gravity of the intention. It may seem outrageous but is absolutely serious.




Real Healozon treatment and filling 3.7

M.C. BouwhuisThis defective molar 3.7 was repaired with innovative Voco Ormocer Nanohybrid Admira Fusion Caps restorative material colour A3 in two places, buccal and lingual after preparation with HealOzone. Bonding applied for 10s and briefly light cured. Two step placements. Modeling with medium speed Garrison eZr FPZC10-X coarse flat end and access removed with high speed diamond torque. As usual no drilling as part of preparation. The video for the filling did not load. Will try again later.

HealOzone X4 next generation

Two HealOzone X4 next generation instrument sets have arrived. Features have improved of the earlier edition of year 2003. Added safety measures, enhanced ozone concentration and longer menu application from 40s to 60s maximum. These HealOzone X4’s should reliably serve in years to come. The demand on the instruments is relatively high as HealOzone is practiced stand alone here more or less continuous. Bodily dental tissue, dentine, enamel, including dental roots are being cured in a few sessions. When necessary maintance care is done, varying from maybe once in six months or a few years. Fillings are placed without drilling as you can see in our study cases. It makes our protocol unique. While it should become standard procedure in my experience. Insurance does not cover HealOzone in this country. We are trying to get in touch with the Minister and the 13 political parties of parliament as well as the NZa Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit.

Glass Carbomer filling molar 36

This retired machine building engineer, 70 years of age, living in Ruinen Province of Drenthe came in March 2nd, 2018 with this worry some looking molar 3.6 cavity. There were no further complaints. Under lying dentine looked to be in good enough condition, to have a bulk fill Glass Carbomer repair placed after Healozone application for 60s. The second picture dated April 24th, 2018, eight weeks later, shows the result. Although inter approximal space is a little too wide, it was decided to leave the situation in agreement with the patient. Further polishing was left as well. A realistic life expectancy of 30 years was humbly requested from the Cosmic aided by the Heavenly Hosts.