Canine shark tooth enamel repair

This retired lady pedagogue for the Department of Justice, 75 years of age came in 13th of March year 2018 to have her canine 2.3 repaired. Today’s picture four weeks later shows the repair, purely Glass Carbomer, colour A2, in bulk fill after preparing with HealOzone. No etching, primer or bonding. This self-adhesive nano-particles alkyl acid mixture with ion-exhange will “grow” through biofusion onto the natural dentine and enamel, under optimal conditions. So far so good. I was cautious about the result to begin with. The product Glass Carbomer is primarily suited for the posteriors but I wanted to give the lady a chance as this GCP is biologically prefered above composite.

Molar 17 Glass Carbomer filling

This naturopath therapist lady 58 years of age came in to have her molar 1.7 repaired. Except food particles sticking in there there were no complaints. After Healozone application for 30s a Glass Carbomer capsule was mixed for 15s and placed after a Garrison matrix shield and ring were put in place. No drilling as usual. Light curing with GCP heat lamp for 5 x 30s. After 5 more minutes for chemical setting some modeling was done with slow torque blue coarse Garrison flat end FPZC010-X eZr. Remaining excess will ease off by itself to be checked in three months. The lady petitioned the Cosmic for a life time of fifty years for this filling to hold. A feather found afterwards, left behind from a guardian angel presumably is seen on the last picture. Please call us at +31(0)515 411411 for a dental healing session.

Reparatie kies met glas ionomeer

Caviteit 46
Reparatie 46

De 56 jarige Brabantse consulteerde met een uitgevallen vulling van molaar 46. Er deden zich geen ontstekingsverschijnselen voor. Na enkel preparatie met Healozon voor 40 seconden werd er een reparatie aangebracht in bulk fill zelfhechtend van GC Equia Forte Fil A2 met finish van bijbehorende Equia Forte Coat. Belichting 40 seconden. Het materiaal is duaal zelf uithardend. Ontstekingsrisico’s zijn nu zo goed als nihil. Duurzaamheid van de reparatie lijkt gunstig, maar het onderliggend tandvlees kan een opstuwende werking hebben wat vermoedelijk geen klachten zal geven maar wat de levensduur van de vulling kan beperken. Controle en nazorg over zes maanden of op afroep.