Bulk repair on pulpa


Post root canal treatment and Glass Carbomer repair

This lady, building contractor calculator, 48 years of age came in with a failed filling of molar 3.6 buccal after a conventional root canal treatment. HealOzone reduced the amount of bleeding to practically zero. A Glass Carbomer A2 capsule was mixed and placed directly on the pulpa, gently modelled and cured with GCP heat lamp for 5 times 30s.  A further build up of the element may be considered at a later date. However the bonding of the glass ionomer material onto the dentine is of primary concern. No reactions are to be expected. Removal of excess material was left to a later date.

Dental root infection

Root infection molar 1.6

Unbearable tooth ache during 72 hours, in spite of all sorts of self medication brought this gentleman from Gouda 50 years of age into the practice. His whole dentition was done with HealOzone this visit, the 1.6 and 1.7 molars more thoroughly. Provided the necesarry precautions are taken the outlook is favourable for a complete recovery. The gentleman opted for amalgam replacement. However, working in a diseased tooth is never a good idea, for opening up the molar would produce a bloody and painfull situation. Relieve with this ozone procedure should be fairly immediate. While the after  care measures are well enough applied and understood, amalgam replacement may be appropriate after the third HealOzone session. To be performed without anesthesia. Conventionally this case would have led to a root canal treatment which the patient sought to avoid at all cost. He is to be congratulated on his determination and courage. The hardest thing is to get the patient to adhere to the after care protocol strictly enough. Seems hard to believe that balancing carbohydrates on the one hand to minerals, proteins and aminogroups with plenty of oxygen and nitrogen on the other hand will relief the root condition.







Tooth ache six year old

Primary maxillary left molars

Severe toothache of this six year old boy from Utrecht –Het Gooi– would not let him have these teeth polished leaving his parents in a predicament. HealOzone brings ususally immediate relief at this age with proper precautions. Twelve of his primary teeth received ozon this session. Limiting carbohydrates like sugars and starches and raising animal protein such as mozzarella, lamb chops and barley porridge should help stabilize his dentition quickly. Follow up in three months or consultation by Phone.

Lamb chops

Buccal root cavity repair

Molar 3.7 cavity
Cavity root cervix buccal molar 3.7

This gentleman 46 years of age, teacher with a university degree in physics, eventually wants this cavity repaired which is not healing by itself. After the second try you can see the result below.

Molar 3.7 repair
Buccal root cavity repair of 3.7 with GCP

Purely preparing with HealOzone for twice 20s one Glass Carbomer capsule was mixed and placed in bulk. After GCP gloss the material was held in place with a ToDent Cervical Matrix for Class V repairs with GCP heat lamp on top for four times 30s. Removal of excess material and polishing was left to be done for another time.

Instruments assortment

The ToDent Cervical Matrix shield with holder and curing lamp on top is of particular interest as Class V repairs can be challenging. In particular with vegetarians. The gentleman was advised to soak the tooth properly in good animal protein such as from minced beef twice a day for the repair to hold and for better luck this time. Nitrogen groups are quite essential to transport and inbed minerals and to let the Glass Carbomer Fill take on Shark teeth properties. Just like in Chemistry where ammonia is being used to produce all sorts of things.

Wisdom tooth repair

Molar 2.8 cavity and GCP repair

This lively lady from the coastal region of Holland 69 years of age came in with a cavity mesial of molar 28. A piece of dentine had fallen out. Esthetically challenging to work against gravity this far back maxillary. After due preparation with HealOzone, Glass Carbomer Fill was placed in bulk using a Garrison matrix shield with Soft Face 3D-Ring 3D500 to get a fitting interapproximal space. As usual no drilling at all. This GCP shark teeth filling material will bind itself into the dentine through biofusion according to the supplier and as such should last for a generation. The repair goes with one year repair warranty in spite of the lady being vegetarian. Lack of proper animal protein was a prime factor of developing this lesion in my humble opinion. This procedure will save the lady a conventional root canal treatment or extraction. A root canal treatment would have limited chance of succes anyway (eventually) given the difficulty of this remote location. Not to speak of the costs involved and the risks of toxicity of a root canal treated tooth. Reference: The Roots of Disease – Connecting Dentistry & Medicine by Robert Kulacz DDS and Tomas E. Levy MD JD (Xlibris)

Partial extraction and repair molar

Partial extracted molar 47 buccal view

This antroposophical therapist from Amsterdam, 57 years of age, was hanging on to her molar 47 which had fractured all the way into the root and as such was beyond repair. A partial extraction was suggested which was carried out with the following result.

Extracted molar part

Noticable are traces of a previous root canal treatment. The remaining part of the tooth was a bit unstable and in spite of a worrysome outlook a provisional repair was carried out on the same day of the extraction. This should give the molar still quite a number of years. With all the risks of infection under control thanks to HealOzone and Glass Carbomer a responsible therapeutic trial.

Provisional Glass Carbomer filling molar 47

The shark teeth filling material with glass particles of 10 micron in diameter was handpressed in place and cured for 5 times 30s with GCP heat lamp. To keep morale on high ground an after care guarantee was rendered valid for one year. Not a Hollywood tooth but the only other option would have been total extraction. Experimental category.

Root cavity Glass Carbomer Fill

Cavity root cervix and repair 1.5 premolar lingual aspect

The civil engineer 77 years of age, retired, showed up with a root cavity lingual aspect of premolar 15. An earlier composite filling placed in the year 2007 by ACTA, Amsterdam, the dental university clinic, had fallen out. After enough curing with HealOzone, the premolar was considered stable enough to handle a Glass Carbomer Filling. Another two 20s HealOzone sessions right before a single capsule was mixed and applied.

Cervical Matrix shield ToDent

After GCP varnish and some modeling this cervical matrix was firmly but reasonably held in place with direct light cure on top for twice 30s. Followed by another three times 30s with the GCP heat lamp. Removal of excess material was somewhat limited to be left for maybe another day. The cervical matrix size could have been a little smaller. Challenging, humbling and rewarding but never satisfied to summarize this dental practise. By the way, there is no need to worry about ongoing cariës infection which is halted enough by HealOzone and stabilised by self curing Glass Carbomer Fill. We will keep an eye on this tooth repair to see if the product will live up to its promise and reputation. So far, the combination of HealOzone with GCP has proved itself as nothing less than a breakthrough in my experience. No drilling, no etching, bulk fill, self bonding. No reactions to be expected as long as precautions are taken.

Teenage shark teeth filling

Cavity molar 2.6

This teenager 16 years of age would not let himself be treated by conventional dentistry, in particular by tooth drilling. Nor was dietary advise sufficiently kept up to avoid this cavity from deteriorating. There were no further complaints with regard to aches or pains. No sensitivity at all to cold water stream. After preparation with HealOzone for 60s with cup size diameter 8mm long 20mm a Glascarbomer Filling A2 was placed in bulk with the following result. (Double pictures for semi stereoscopic view.)

Molar 2.6 Glass Carbomer filling A2 

GCP surface gloss was applied in three stages with an increasing but reasonable pressure on the filling material. The GCP heat lamp cure was held for 6 times 30s on top. After five more minutes of chemical setting the Garrison matrix shield and tension ring holder were removed. Some excess material was removed. Polishing was purposely delayed.

This repair is an interesting challenge for all the supposedly superior qualities of this innovative product combination with regard to biological ingrowth of the repair material with underlying dentine with its self repair attributes. Seconcary caries and inflammation risks are confidentially reduced to practically zero and theoretically speaking the repair should hold for at least a life time. I told the patient some what jokingly that the shark teeth filling should still be in its place when digging him up twenty years after burial.

By the way I wish to comment on a TV broadcast dated 16 december 2016 EditieNL stating that children often go to the dentist when it is too late. You may copy and paste this link. http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/editienl/laatste-videos-editienl/zes-maanden-oud-naar-tandarts-kinderen-gaan-te-laat-naar-de

There is however very little or no attention for the nutritionally related factors at the university dental schools in this country, according to the TVitem.

“Alternative” dental literature

Conventional dentistry for children of up to 18years of age is reimbursed thanks to a motion of Fleur Agema from the PVV based on a system of restrictive “prestatie codes.” Easy political score but rather detrimental to childrens dental health. Nutritional factors and life style issues cannot be declared and are therefore willfully ignored. A cruel system leading to a lost generation of youths particularly in certain cultures. While the public is enthusiastically reading writers like Weston Price, Ramiel Nagel and George Meinig (Root canal cover-up) the dental profession at large and universities remain ignorant on the subject which they discard as too controversial. Understandably, dentists get paid by following codes. As long as legalities are followed, eventual end results are not cashed in. What I am trying to say is that innovative procedures should not be so harshly discouraged.

Rabbit hole cavity repair

Cavity molar 4.6

This gentleman diplomat 52 years of age had his molar 4.6 supposedly sufficiently cured during the last three weeks through rinsing with a special fermentation microbiotic formula and consuming liquid food. After another HealOzone session the cavity was filled with Glass Carbomer A2 including the occlusal cavity left after removing old amalgam filling. No drilling was done at all in bodily dental tissue. Although old amalgam filling was gently drilled out three weeks earlier. The dental surface underneath was surprisingly well intact.

Repair of molar 46 with “shark teeth” GCP filling

Using a Garrison matrix shield and holding ring the repair was placed from one capsule in bulk fill. GCP varnish coat applied twice and GCP heat lamp for 5 times 30s. The prognosis is excellent. No reaction is expected.

Conventional dentistry would have deemed a root canal treatment necessary for this 4.6. However, modern insights do consider the root pulp as quite resiliant and it maybe left intact more often than not, nowadays. But it is quite essential to have the physiological and microbiotic environment under control for bulk fill infrinching the root pulp. It can be done with confidence but a too hasty procedure may lead to loss of the tooth. Three to four weeks settlement with special procedures after HealOzone will usually do the job. Please note: purely desinfection will not be appropriate to get the cavity prepared. Instead beneficial microbiotica should be encouraged enough to provide bonding of the synthetic apatite of GCP to bodily dentine. The way I look at it.

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Molar 37 saved from extraction

Molar 3.7 before repair

Molar 3.7 repaired with Glass Carbomer

This highly sensitive lady from Nijmegen 48 years of age was trying to save her molar 3.7 from extraction. The prognosis was worrysome as the element was mobile, bleeding, avital having had a root canal treatment as the picture shows. This repair would be categorised as experimental as agreed with the patient. The cavity was duly prepared with HealOzone size cup diameter 8mm, length 20mm. A straight matrix band 5mm high was placed around. Just one capsule of Glass Carbomer was sufficient. A spare capsule ready mixed was unnecessary. Cured for 5 times 30s with GCP heat lamp. After five more minutes for chemical hardening the matrix band and excess was removed. Some polishing. To keep the lady on high moral ground an after care guarantee of one year was given. Meaning any possible defect will be repaired at no additional charge. Providing a steep learning curve in case. The number of years she conceived the repair to hold when challenged was to be FIFTY years. As the Universe seems to work in rhyth and numbers in the microcosmos through electrons, atoms and molecules expressed through spirit mirrored in soul, it is considered beneficial to state one’s intentions of self. That is according to Pythagoras, amongst others, who by the way was also boxing champion in his time, so to say more than philosopher floating in a cloud. To let you in on affinity with philosophy and science.