Shark tooth filling colour A2

The question of colour A2 arose of this molar 4.6 repair four months old. Should it go lighter to A1 for the next batch? Noticable are slight amalgam remains barely visible to the naked eye. Restrained amalgam removal was to prevent the tooth from desintegrating. Anyway, the GCP filling was to all satisfaction of the patient. Only the roots received HealOzone maintenance care this session.


Peri-apical lesion mandible

Painfull swelling on the left mandible brought this lady astrologer from Wageningen, sixty years of age into this Ozone practice today. Extraction was the only option according to conventional dentists and an appointment for this was cancelled. To their bizarre amazement. HealOzone was accordingly applied and after some hesitation her whole dentition was done. The molar was not extracted. Around the apex and roots of molar 3.6 bone resorption can be seen on X-ray (black spots). On camera swelling is evident. Obvious signs of infection, inflammation. Decarboxylation methylation lagging oxidation. The prognosis is good. Treatment proposal was three sessions to be followed by evaluation. Follow up in one week. The lady was given some dietary advice on how to improve nutritional ketosis as described by for example Joseph Mercola and avoid diabetic ketoacidosis. Quite a shift. Response should be obvious in a few days. Improvement on X-ray could be seen in two weeks time. However, with the clinical impression improving as expected X-ray retake for study purposes could wait another year. You want proof? Keep following us.

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Healozon nog vrij onbekend

Y. Jacob Brandsma, Healozon tandzorgprofessional, Soeverein 2236

Healozon kuurt het gebit door oxidatie van suikers uit zetmeelachtige koolhydraten met zuurstofradicalen O2+. Glazuur en tandbeen hoofdzakelijk bestaand uit calciumfosfaat, wordt opgewerkt naar een hogere oxidatie potentie. Natuurlijk verharding en immuniteit van tand-apatiet wordt opgebouwd.

Cariës is fermentatie van koolwaterstofverbindingen, zoals suikers, zetmeel uit brood en aardappelen bijv. wat verzuurt bij tekort aan zuurstof. Zuurstof is namelijk de elektron acceptor die de zuurgraad reguleert. Bij voldoende beschikbare zuurstof om enkel- en meervoudige suikers om te zetten treedt er geen cariës op. Ozon geeft gewone zuurstof een boost als elektron acceptor. Deze negativiteit wordt aan de omgeving onttrokken. Inflammatie, methylatie en ontsteking wordt afgevoerd. Bacteriën gedijend op verzurende suikers worden gebonden aan zuurstof en als CO2 afgezogen door het instrument onder 50milibar vacuum. Nitrogene groepen (vitamines, enzymen, hormonen en eiwitten) met mineralen spelen een bemiddelende rol (in de elektron transport chain en proton pomp) om stofwisseling te reguleren.

Cariës, kiespijn, wortelontstekingen, mobiele elementen, pockets, parodontitis, kaakabces, apexonsteking e.d. worden met succes behandeld. Het element (tand of kies) wordt niet opengehaald met tandartsboor. Het poreuze karakter van tandweefsel laat ozon tot in de wortelpunt doordringen waardoor zelfs wortel- en kaakontstekingen worden gekuurd. Reguliere wortelkanaalbehandelingen worden voorkomen.

De nog enige tandzorg praktijk gebaseerd op Healozon in Nederland is gevestigd in Sneek sinds 2005, na een opstartfase in 2004 te Amsterdam.

Een intake tandzorg werkconsult kunt u aanvragen door T 0515 431260 of T 0515 411411. Er wordt niet geboord. Geen extracties. Geen scaling, planing en pockets sondering. In overleg ultrasound en mineralen poeder osspray naast Healozon behandeling. Dit alles voor een klantvriendelijke prijs per kas of pin.

Healozon werkt met nazorgadviezen die u uitgereikt krijgt ter plekke met toelichting. In harmonie met natuurlijke principes. Suppleties zijn niet noodzakelijk. Daar bent u vrij in.

U wordt geholpen door de heer Y. Jacob Brandsma, tandzorgprofessional-soeverein. Lichaamseigen tandweefsel blijft onaangeroerd. Geen voorbehouden tandheelkundige ingrepen. Alles non-invasief. Reparaties met glasionomeer en composiet na preparatie door ozon zonder tandartsboor. Geen regulier BIG-tandarts. Een andere benadering gewijd aan behoud van het lichaamseigen gebit. Herplaatsen kronen met glasionomeer krooncement bij passende sluiting.

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Lost filling premolar 1.4 repair

This gentleman from Amsterdam 64 years of age lost a filling from his premolar 1.4 while biting an almond nut. The premolar had been repaired here with GC Equia Forte Fill the 12th February 2014 and remarkably the attachment to the old amalgam piece with which it had fallen out was still in tact! As you can see in the picture. Excellent adhesion of GC. By the way on the palatine aspect of premolar 1.5 one can see a repair; here placed the 7th July 2011 with Voco Glass Ionomer which still holds. Except the colouring and the marges leave scope for improvement. As preparation for today’s repair HealOzone was applied for twice 20s with cup round 8mm long 20mm followed with a Garrison shield F100 held in place with Garrison Wide Prep FX600 Fusion wedge. The first GCP capsule A2 was applied distally, cured for 5 times 30s and left for 5 minutes for chemical setting. Another shield was now placed mesial with the procedure repeated. After enough chemical hardening the holder ring and shield were carefully removed. Excess was removed using mainly a slow torque Garrison FPZC010-X rotating coarse flat tip. Thanks to HealOzone this Glass Carbomer repair was set in full confidence without the need for drilling. The risk for reactions is estimated as zero. This GCP filling material has rather unique self healing properties through ion exchange and biofusion with dentine. Total work time: 90 minutes including photography.

Immunity, B12 deficiency and leaky gut

Anthony William talks about live probiotics on fruits and vegetables elevated biotics in his bestseller Medical Medium. Virtualle everyone in Western culture is B12 deficient preventing bio-absorption of micronutrients and trace minerals according to A. William. The distal part of the ileum before this part of the gut empties into the colon is the main center of B12 production and absorption and where methyation occurs, this is the final stage of carbohydrate breakdown. A toxic gut environment is conventionally labelled as irritable bowel syndrome IBS, celiac, Crohn’s, colitis, gastritis, etc. among alternatives may be called leaky gut but Anthony advocates restricted use of this term. He prefers to label it gut rot ammonia permeability with toxic gas floating into the bloodstream. Leading to problems like skin disorders, fatique, malaise, anxiety and more. With a drop in hydrochloric acid levels. In order to restore vitamin B12 you need abundant beneficial bacteria in the ileum. Anthony suggests elevated microorganisms found above gound on leaves and skins of fruit and vegetables. These will have phenomenal effects on digestion and the immune system on the way down to your ileum and replenish your B12 production and storage. An excellent start would be to juice up 100g of celery unwashed in 200ml of water in a cutting blender to be had twice daily. In this example I use 1 part sea water to 3 parts rain water for natural colloid trace minerals with nettle tops, dandelion and blue berry leaves plus some apple syrup which adds glucose. This book has a lot of sensible things to say on ADHD, autism, thyroiditis, Epstein Barr virus, reumatism, MS, ALS, candida, Lyme, lupus, shingles, Alzheimer, migraine, depression, endocrine disorders, menopause, and more. I would suggest get the book, accessibly written and remember the roots of your disease may be found in your gut lack of B12 uptake. Twice a day blended celery as above may give you a boost for your much needed immunity
against low grade low grade infections like EBV. By the way, the fashionable MTHFR gene mutation diagnosis label is inaccurate says William more toxic overload and the key is restoring beneficial B12 producing gut bacteria. Thanks Anthony and the Spirit of the Most High!

Shark teeth root filling premolar

This retired civil engeneer from the former island of Wieringen 77 years of age requested his premolar 24 to be repaired. The element was still slightly bleeding on preparing with HealOzone. Nevertheless the Glass Carbomer repair was proceeded. Two capsules were applied. Polishing was limited for now to let the Shark teeth filling material adhere properly enough in time. The procedure was non-invasive with no drilling, self adhesive with no etching. Solo with no assistant. The prognosis is fair. In any case some defect should be easily resolved with GCP. The risk of reaction is nill. HealOzone wih Glass Carbomer makes an excellent combination in my experience.

Challenging shark teeth repairs

This building contractor calculator lady 48 years of age had defective molars 47 and 36. Today was the second attempt to get the fillings to hold without adding posts. Inflammation and infection was under control assured with another HealOzone session right before placement of the Glass Carbomer filling material. Follow up in two months. Two GCP Heat lamps for 5 times 30 seconds were applied. The 47 molar still needs to be trimmed somewhat. No painfull reactions are to be expected. The only concern is the repairs to hold. Improved double heating with the GCP lamps may have resolved this.

Bulk repair on pulpa


Post root canal treatment and Glass Carbomer repair

This lady, building contractor calculator, 48 years of age came in with a failed filling of molar 3.6 buccal after a conventional root canal treatment. HealOzone reduced the amount of bleeding to practically zero. A Glass Carbomer A2 capsule was mixed and placed directly on the pulpa, gently modelled and cured with GCP heat lamp for 5 times 30s.  A further build up of the element may be considered at a later date. However the bonding of the glass ionomer material onto the dentine is of primary concern. No reactions are to be expected. Removal of excess material was left to a later date.

Case study molar 36 repair

Molar 36 GCP repair

This lady from the province of Brabant 59 years of age had the lingual wall of her molar 3.6 broken off. A repair with Glass Carbomer Fill A2 was placed in one bulk fill on the date of 24th April 2017. After enough HealOzone, as customary, with no drilling. Picture taken 12th May 2017. No pre-repair picture available. The patient was more than satisfied with the result. However I am not totally happy with the distal lingual margin of the repair and I suspect the curing lamp could not cover the relatively extensive repair complete enough. To our suppliers: Can you please look in the possibility of applying a double curing lamp in a stable handle. For placing Glass Carbomer Fill crowns, can you fabricate me a four headed lamp, or just four lamps in a single handle. Please have a look at some of my other cases and we could have a get together to improve on these experiments. Thanks.





Dental root cervix cariës

This lady from Holland 31 years of age was quite concerned about her root cervix cariës and would not let tartar stain on her incisors be removed conventionally. The molars are to be left alone after three Healozone sessions. The incisors were further treated by ultrasound needle with diamond tip followed by calciumphosphate blasting with the result below. The remaining spots are left to nature to cure.

incisors 2.2 (2)
After Healozone, ultrasound and Calciumphosphate blasting

The underlying enamel had been left to regenerate for a couple of months before ultrasound application. The molars are not to be drilled or filled but left to regenerate with special nutritional advice and after care procedures to have the tubules deposit phosphate apatatie from the inside out through tubular dentin flow.

Dental root infection

Root infection molar 1.6

Unbearable tooth ache during 72 hours, in spite of all sorts of self medication brought this gentleman from Gouda 50 years of age into the practice. His whole dentition was done with HealOzone this visit, the 1.6 and 1.7 molars more thoroughly. Provided the necesarry precautions are taken the outlook is favourable for a complete recovery. The gentleman opted for amalgam replacement. However, working in a diseased tooth is never a good idea, for opening up the molar would produce a bloody and painfull situation. Relieve with this ozone procedure should be fairly immediate. While the after  care measures are well enough applied and understood, amalgam replacement may be appropriate after the third HealOzone session. To be performed without anesthesia. Conventionally this case would have led to a root canal treatment which the patient sought to avoid at all cost. He is to be congratulated on his determination and courage. The hardest thing is to get the patient to adhere to the after care protocol strictly enough. Seems hard to believe that balancing carbohydrates on the one hand to minerals, proteins and aminogroups with plenty of oxygen and nitrogen on the other hand will relief the root condition.