Teenage shark teeth filling

Conventional dentistry in this country EditieNL 16 December 2016 comment

Cavity molar 2.6

This teenager 16 years of age would not let himself be treated by conventional dentistry, in particular by tooth drilling. Nor was dietary advise sufficiently kept up to avoid this cavity from deteriorating. There were no further complaints with regard to aches or pains. No sensitivity at all to cold water stream. After preparation with HealOzone for 60s with cup size diameter 8mm long 20mm a Glascarbomer Filling A2 was placed in bulk with the following result. (Double pictures for semi stereoscopic view.)

Molar 2.6 Glass Carbomer filling A2 

GCP surface gloss was applied in three stages with an increasing but reasonable pressure on the filling material. The GCP heat lamp cure was held for 6 times 30s on top. After five more minutes of chemical setting the Garrison matrix shield and tension ring holder were removed. Some excess material was removed. Polishing was purposely delayed.

This repair is an interesting challenge for all the supposedly superior qualities of this innovative product combination with regard to biological ingrowth of the repair material with underlying dentine with its self repair attributes. Seconcary caries and inflammation risks are confidentially reduced to practically zero and theoretically speaking the repair should hold for at least a life time. I told the patient some what jokingly that the shark teeth filling should still be in its place when digging him up twenty years after burial.

By the way I wish to comment on a TV broadcast dated 16 december 2016 EditieNL stating that children often go to the dentist when it is too late. You may copy and paste this link. http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/editienl/laatste-videos-editienl/zes-maanden-oud-naar-tandarts-kinderen-gaan-te-laat-naar-de

There is however very little or no attention for the nutritionally related factors at the university dental schools in this country, according to the TVitem.

“Alternative” dental literature

Conventional dentistry for children of up to 18years of age is reimbursed thanks to a motion of Fleur Agema from the PVV based on a system of restrictive “prestatie codes.” Easy political score but rather detrimental to childrens dental health. Nutritional factors and life style issues cannot be declared and are therefore willfully ignored. A cruel system leading to a lost generation of youths particularly in certain cultures. While the public is enthusiastically reading writers like Weston Price, Ramiel Nagel and George Meinig (Root canal cover-up) the dental profession at large and universities remain ignorant on the subject which they discard as too controversial. Understandably, dentists get paid by following codes. As long as legalities are followed, eventual end results are not cashed in. What I am trying to say is that innovative procedures should not be so harshly discouraged.

Rabbit hole cavity repair

Root canal treatment avoided with fermented microbiotic conditioner followed by bulk fill repair

Cavity molar 4.6

This gentleman diplomat 52 years of age had his molar 4.6 supposedly sufficiently cured during the last three weeks through rinsing with a special fermentation microbiotic formula and consuming liquid food. After another HealOzone session the cavity was filled with Glass Carbomer A2 including the occlusal cavity left after removing old amalgam filling. No drilling was done at all in bodily dental tissue. Although old amalgam filling was gently drilled out three weeks earlier. The dental surface underneath was surprisingly well intact.

Repair of molar 46 with “shark teeth” GCP filling

Using a Garrison matrix shield and holding ring the repair was placed from one capsule in bulk fill. GCP varnish coat applied twice and GCP heat lamp for 5 times 30s. The prognosis is excellent. No reaction is expected.

Conventional dentistry would have deemed a root canal treatment necessary for this 4.6. However, modern insights do consider the root pulp as quite resiliant and it maybe left intact more often than not, nowadays. But it is quite essential to have the physiological and microbiotic environment under control for bulk fill infrinching the root pulp. It can be done with confidence but a too hasty procedure may lead to loss of the tooth. Three to four weeks settlement with special procedures after HealOzone will usually do the job. Please note: purely desinfection will not be appropriate to get the cavity prepared. Instead beneficial microbiotica should be encouraged enough to provide bonding of the synthetic apatite of GCP to bodily dentine. The way I look at it.

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Molar 37 saved from extraction

Molar 3.7 avital, post root canal treatment, mobile, inflamed, still repaired with Glass Carbomer

Molar 3.7 before repair

Molar 3.7 repaired with Glass Carbomer

This highly sensitive lady from Nijmegen 48 years of age was trying to save her molar 3.7 from extraction. The prognosis was worrysome as the element was mobile, bleeding, avital having had a root canal treatment as the picture shows. This repair would be categorised as experimental as agreed with the patient. The cavity was duly prepared with HealOzone size cup diameter 8mm, length 20mm. A straight matrix band 5mm high was placed around. Just one capsule of Glass Carbomer was sufficient. A spare capsule ready mixed was unnecessary. Cured for 5 times 30s with GCP heat lamp. After five more minutes for chemical hardening the matrix band and excess was removed. Some polishing. To keep the lady on high moral ground an after care guarantee of one year was given. Meaning any possible defect will be repaired at no additional charge. Providing a steep learning curve in case. The number of years she conceived the repair to hold when challenged was to be FIFTY years. As the Universe seems to work in rhyth and numbers in the microcosmos through electrons, atoms and molecules expressed through spirit mirrored in soul, it is considered beneficial to state one’s intentions of self. That is according to Pythagoras, amongst others, who by the way was also boxing champion in his time, so to say more than philosopher floating in a cloud. To let you in on affinity with philosophy and science.

Beneficial dental microbiota

Beneficial microbiotica to regenerate molar cavity before repair with Glass Carbomer

This foreign diplomat 52 years of age presented with an interapproximal cavity mesial of molar 4.6 with request for repair. There was no pain or sensitivity to mention. This rabbit hole type of cavity was still slightly bleeding after HealOzone application and sensitive to cold water. Removal of old occlusal amalgam did not break through into the cavity. The procedure advised was to get the element cured enough with this special microbiotica formula otherwise generally used to upgrade gut mucosa, in cases like ‘leaky gut’ or intestinal mucosal dysfunction IMD, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc. Twenty ml to be gently rinsed and soaked into the cavity and subsequently to be swallowed twice daily. The gentleman would purely nurture liquid food for the three weeks until next appointment. The molar should then be cured enough, the cavity’s dentine hardened out and properly cleaned up to have a Glass Carbomer filling placed in bulk fill with no drilling. Higher quality pictures next time maybe as these were hastily done.


Shark teeth filling molars

Self curing dental fillings with Glass Carbomer

Molars 4.6 and 4.7 before and after repair with Glass Carbomer A2

Materials used. Opened GCP capsules for demo.

This courageous lady 72 years of age requested repair of her defective molars. A challenging proposition. Having lately gained some confidence with the GCP Glass Carbomer fillings I offered to try. Both elements 46 and 47 were suitably prepared with Healozone. The 46 remained somewhat mobile and on the 47 the Healozone instrument drew some blood which worried me but I proceeded with the repairs anyway. To get around the 4.6 an Odus crown form diameter 12mm was applied with two capsules Glass carbomer A2 mixed for 15s each. Cured for 5 times 30s with GCP light. Subsequently the 4.7 was modelled with Garrison matrix bands with 3DXR ring and filled with GCP Fill. Finished with GCP gloss two times and light cured two times 30seconds. After another 5 minutes for additional chemical self cure excess material was removed and some modeling was done by cutting back, although deliberatly minimally. The lady will be back in a fortnight and the molars will be checked anyway.

No etching and no bonding was used as instructed. No conditioner. This dental practice is rather unique in its combination of Healozone and GCP as we do not do any dental drilling at all in bodily dental tissues! This is our unique selling proposition USP. (Although I may drill out old amalgam.) It saves having to get rid of a smear layer caused by drilling with conditioner. In my humble opinion, pure preparation with Healozone with no drilling will enhance the proteïn adhesion of the Glass Carbomer material. It may require cavities to be left open for a while in order to heal, supported with special nutritional advice and after care.

This GCP filling material is unique that it will self bond through proteïn adhesion with natural dentine forming into biofusion with formation of pseudo dentine / enamel. The repairs have self healing properties, amazing as it sounds. The patient asked how this could be assured which I presume can only be checked after she passes away. We will see if the repairs hold. If not, we’ll try again. Root infection is ruled out anyway.

The chemical engineers of GCP set out to develop and produce a biocompatibel material (inspired by fossile shark teeth from the Myoceen) based on hydroxy apatite, fluor apatite and siliciumdioxide to be mixed with alkyl acid and the like into a flowable paste which will set in a little over a minute to be cured with a special heat lamp for proper adhesion. Although most suitable for the posteriors I prefer the material so much now that in some cases I place it in the incisors as well.

To the benefit of our international contacts, this study case in the English language. From what I hear the NHS in the UK has included GCP for reimbursement. The GCP company has stated their goal of 50 percent use of their products by dentists within three years time. This may seem overly ambitious. However, in combination with HealOzone this product line may revolutionize dentistry eventually worldwide. Endodontic treatments will be reduced by at least 80 per cent and that is a very conservative estimate.

Shareholders of GCP will have to stand strong in their shoes not to be swallowed up by some large buy out offer which may be tempting. To reach their ambitions they may need venture capital but smart marketing may be even more essential.

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Haaientand kroon 1.7

Glascarbomeer vulling in Odus kroon vorm

De 61-jarige Utrechter was toe aan een reparatie van molaar 1.7. Een vroeger geplaatste kroon was uitgevallen. Herplaatsing werd vanaf gezien door opstuwend tandvlees. Een Odus kroon vorm met glascarbomeer vulling zonder boren zou tandweefsel sparen. Het zogenaamde haaientand vulmateriaal kan zich aldus bewijzen. Preparatie werd gedaan enkel met Healozon. De kroonvorm werd iets ingekort en passend gemaakt. Er werden twee capsules GCP vulling gemixt voor 15s elk. De eerste aangebracht op de 1.7 stomp en de tweede in de kroon vorm. Deze werd nu rechtstreeks geplaatst, redelijk stevig aangedrukt en direct belicht voor 6 keer 30s. Na een kwartier ander werk ten bate van chemische uitharding is de kroonvorm verwijderd en de reparatie werd nog op hoogte gebracht met enige polijsting. Glascarbomeer is samengesteld uit Silicium glas in poeder vorm wat door een mixer in de capsule gemengd wordt met (vloeibaar) poly-alkylzuur tot een pasta. Dit polymeer substraat hecht aan lichaamseigen dentine en glazuur door proteïne adhesie en biofusie met vorming van pseudoglazuur – hydroxiapatiet wat leidt tot zelf genezende vullingen. (Claimt de leverancier.) Het risico op secundaire cariës is (zeker i.c.m. Healozon) zo goed als uitgesloten. Het materiaal is biocompatibel en verspreidt geen toxische stoffen. Er werd geen GCP-gloss aangebracht. Er werd niet met conditioner gewerkt. Het vulmateriaal wordt gezet in bulk fill zonder etsen, zonder bonding. Dit materiaal en deze werkwijze begint op een doorbraak te lijken. Wij zitten in de consolidatie fase. Het is nog te vroeg voor een educatieve wereld tour. Wie weet komt het er van.

P.S. Met dank aan geleiding van een team van vijf invisible guardians die volgens de klant na afloop achtenswaardig hun pet afnamen!


Glascarbomeer sealing

De 35-jarige heer uit West-Afrika wenste met spoed even een reparatie aan zijn molaar 3.6 met marginale afbrokkeling rondom de oude amalgaam vulling. Een occlusaal putje viel ook op. Voor het grote defect mesiaal-linguaal werd er glascarbomeer Fill gezet. De kleinere kier distaal en het putje werd gerepareerd met glascarbomeer glass seal. Dit vloeit dun en kruipt mooi in kiertjes. De man wilde snel verder reizen en polijsten werd dus uitgesteld. Niet mijn stijl maar het materiaal polijst zich occlusaal wel natuurlijk. Preparatie enkel met Healozon voor 20s per tandvlak.