Shark tooth filling root cervix

This acupuncture practitioner gentleman 73 years of age wanted to save his remaining dentition from extraction. So far so good as he lost only two elements the last two and a half years since starting with the HealOzone procedure. Now the molar 1.6 root cervix cavity palatine aspect had stabilised enough to have a filling placed. With no further preparation except HealOzone and redox pH balance drops the GCP “shark tooth” filling was placed in bulk squeezed into place with Kerr Adapt SuperCap Matrix high 6.3mm. Light cured for 150s. The intentional life span of the repair was determined at 20 years in concordance with the patient. The unique self healing properties of this shark tooth material will provide ion exchange with underlying dentine resulting in biofusion as long as enough enzymes are present in the tooth environment including tubules.

Replacement lost incisor 1.2

This courageous lady 28 years of age lost her incisor 1.2 three days ago in an unsuspected outburst of violence from a visitor at her home. She urgently had a splint placed to stabilize the neighbouring teeth 1.1. and 1.3. After four hours while at home in the evening she surprisingly rediscovered her lost tooth 1.2 while disrobing. It was now too late to have the tooth replaced according to her dentist. Not satisfied she called us with the bold request to have her tooth replaced. Not promising too much I agreed to TRY (acronym of “Truly Respect Yourself” from James Parker by the way) The loose tooth, jaw socket, neighbouring 1.3 and 1.1 were given a thorough HealOzone session. The incisor was now replaced by hand. This might have been a case for Nitrous Oxide Sedation as pressure was applied to the pain limit. We are presently looking into Baldus Touch mixer unit Next generation. Her own dentist will be asked to remove the splint tomorrow, as it is standing in the way of the proper position of the replaced tooth. Recall in a month for preventative infection control. Prognosis is fair.
P.S. The tooth itself was intact with root. As such the complete tooth was reinserted. The procedure went surprisingly easy. ArnicaThis advise came in as follows. For faster regeneration the patient could take “Arnica montana complex” from e.g. Bonusan as this will support capillary regeneration and regrowth of dental ligament. It would also reduce swelling and blue colouring. For questions and advise please call Esmeralde at 0614787969