Immunity, B12 deficiency and leaky gut

Anthony William talks about live probiotics on fruits and vegetables elevated biotics in his bestseller Medical Medium. Virtualle everyone in Western culture is B12 deficient preventing bio-absorption of micronutrients and trace minerals according to A. William. The distal part of the ileum before this part of the gut empties into the colon is the main center of B12 production and absorption and where methyation occurs, this is the final stage of carbohydrate breakdown. A toxic gut environment is conventionally labelled as irritable bowel syndrome IBS, celiac, Crohn’s, colitis, gastritis, etc. among alternatives may be called leaky gut but Anthony advocates restricted use of this term. He prefers to label it gut rot ammonia permeability with toxic gas floating into the bloodstream. Leading to problems like skin disorders, fatique, malaise, anxiety and more. With a drop in hydrochloric acid levels. In order to restore vitamin B12 you need abundant beneficial bacteria in the ileum. Anthony suggests elevated microorganisms found above gound on leaves and skins of fruit and vegetables. These will have phenomenal effects on digestion and the immune system on the way down to your ileum and replenish your B12 production and storage. An excellent start would be to juice up 100g of celery unwashed in 200ml of water in a cutting blender to be had twice daily. In this example I use 1 part sea water to 3 parts rain water for natural colloid trace minerals with nettle tops, dandelion and blue berry leaves plus some apple syrup which adds glucose. This book has a lot of sensible things to say on ADHD, autism, thyroiditis, Epstein Barr virus, reumatism, MS, ALS, candida, Lyme, lupus, shingles, Alzheimer, migraine, depression, endocrine disorders, menopause, and more. I would suggest get the book, accessibly written and remember the roots of your disease may be found in your gut lack of B12 uptake. Twice a day blended celery as above may give you a boost for your much needed immunity
against low grade low grade infections like EBV. By the way, the fashionable MTHFR gene mutation diagnosis label is inaccurate says William more toxic overload and the key is restoring beneficial B12 producing gut bacteria. Thanks Anthony and the Spirit of the Most High!