Root cavity Glass Carbomer Fill

Cavity root cervix and repair 1.5 premolar lingual aspect

The civil engineer 77 years of age, retired, showed up with a root cavity lingual aspect of premolar 15. An earlier composite filling placed in the year 2007 by ACTA, Amsterdam, the dental university clinic, had fallen out. After enough curing with HealOzone, the premolar was considered stable enough to handle a Glass Carbomer Filling. Another two 20s HealOzone sessions right before a single capsule was mixed and applied.

Cervical Matrix shield ToDent

After GCP varnish and some modeling this cervical matrix was firmly but reasonably held in place with direct light cure on top for twice 30s. Followed by another three times 30s with the GCP heat lamp. Removal of excess material was somewhat limited to be left for maybe another day. The cervical matrix size could have been a little smaller. Challenging, humbling and rewarding but never satisfied to summarize this dental practise. By the way, there is no need to worry about ongoing cariës infection which is halted enough by HealOzone and stabilised by self curing Glass Carbomer Fill. We will keep an eye on this tooth repair to see if the product will live up to its promise and reputation. So far, the combination of HealOzone with GCP has proved itself as nothing less than a breakthrough in my experience. No drilling, no etching, bulk fill, self bonding. No reactions to be expected as long as precautions are taken.

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