Teenage shark teeth filling

Cavity molar 2.6

This teenager 16 years of age would not let himself be treated by conventional dentistry, in particular by tooth drilling. Nor was dietary advise sufficiently kept up to avoid this cavity from deteriorating. There were no further complaints with regard to aches or pains. No sensitivity at all to cold water stream. After preparation with HealOzone for 60s with cup size diameter 8mm long 20mm a Glascarbomer Filling A2 was placed in bulk with the following result. (Double pictures for semi stereoscopic view.)

Molar 2.6 Glass Carbomer filling A2 

GCP surface gloss was applied in three stages with an increasing but reasonable pressure on the filling material. The GCP heat lamp cure was held for 6 times 30s on top. After five more minutes of chemical setting the Garrison matrix shield and tension ring holder were removed. Some excess material was removed. Polishing was purposely delayed.

This repair is an interesting challenge for all the supposedly superior qualities of this innovative product combination with regard to biological ingrowth of the repair material with underlying dentine with its self repair attributes. Seconcary caries and inflammation risks are confidentially reduced to practically zero and theoretically speaking the repair should hold for at least a life time. I told the patient some what jokingly that the shark teeth filling should still be in its place when digging him up twenty years after burial.

By the way I wish to comment on a TV broadcast dated 16 december 2016 EditieNL stating that children often go to the dentist when it is too late. You may copy and paste this link. http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/editienl/laatste-videos-editienl/zes-maanden-oud-naar-tandarts-kinderen-gaan-te-laat-naar-de

There is however very little or no attention for the nutritionally related factors at the university dental schools in this country, according to the TVitem.

“Alternative” dental literature

Conventional dentistry for children of up to 18years of age is reimbursed thanks to a motion of Fleur Agema from the PVV based on a system of restrictive “prestatie codes.” Easy political score but rather detrimental to childrens dental health. Nutritional factors and life style issues cannot be declared and are therefore willfully ignored. A cruel system leading to a lost generation of youths particularly in certain cultures. While the public is enthusiastically reading writers like Weston Price, Ramiel Nagel and George Meinig (Root canal cover-up) the dental profession at large and universities remain ignorant on the subject which they discard as too controversial. Understandably, dentists get paid by following codes. As long as legalities are followed, eventual end results are not cashed in. What I am trying to say is that innovative procedures should not be so harshly discouraged.

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