Molar 37 saved from extraction

Molar 3.7 before repair

Molar 3.7 repaired with Glass Carbomer

This highly sensitive lady from Nijmegen 48 years of age was trying to save her molar 3.7 from extraction. The prognosis was worrysome as the element was mobile, bleeding, avital having had a root canal treatment as the picture shows. This repair would be categorised as experimental as agreed with the patient. The cavity was duly prepared with HealOzone size cup diameter 8mm, length 20mm. A straight matrix band 5mm high was placed around. Just one capsule of Glass Carbomer was sufficient. A spare capsule ready mixed was unnecessary. Cured for 5 times 30s with GCP heat lamp. After five more minutes for chemical hardening the matrix band and excess was removed. Some polishing. To keep the lady on high moral ground an after care guarantee of one year was given. Meaning any possible defect will be repaired at no additional charge. Providing a steep learning curve in case. The number of years she conceived the repair to hold when challenged was to be FIFTY years. As the Universe seems to work in rhyth and numbers in the microcosmos through electrons, atoms and molecules expressed through spirit mirrored in soul, it is considered beneficial to state one’s intentions of self. That is according to Pythagoras, amongst others, who by the way was also boxing champion in his time, so to say more than philosopher floating in a cloud. To let you in on affinity with philosophy and science.

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