Beneficial dental microbiota

This foreign diplomat 52 years of age presented with an interapproximal cavity mesial of molar 4.6 with request for repair. There was no pain or sensitivity to mention. This rabbit hole type of cavity was still slightly bleeding after HealOzone application and sensitive to cold water. Removal of old occlusal amalgam did not break through into the cavity. The procedure advised was to get the element cured enough with this special microbiotica formula otherwise generally used to upgrade gut mucosa, in cases like ‘leaky gut’ or intestinal mucosal dysfunction IMD, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc. Twenty ml to be gently rinsed and soaked into the cavity and subsequently to be swallowed twice daily. The gentleman would purely nurture liquid food for the three weeks until next appointment. The molar should then be cured enough, the cavity’s dentine hardened out and properly cleaned up to have a Glass Carbomer filling placed in bulk fill with no drilling. Higher quality pictures next time maybe as these were hastily done.


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