Shark teeth filling molars

Molars 4.6 and 4.7 before and after repair with Glass Carbomer A2

Materials used. Opened GCP capsules for demo.

This courageous lady 72 years of age requested repair of her defective molars. A challenging proposition. Having lately gained some confidence with the GCP Glass Carbomer fillings I offered to try. Both elements 46 and 47 were suitably prepared with Healozone. The 46 remained somewhat mobile and on the 47 the Healozone instrument drew some blood which worried me but I proceeded with the repairs anyway. To get around the 4.6 an Odus crown form diameter 12mm was applied with two capsules Glass carbomer A2 mixed for 15s each. Cured for 5 times 30s with GCP light. Subsequently the 4.7 was modelled with Garrison matrix bands with 3DXR ring and filled with GCP Fill. Finished with GCP gloss two times and light cured two times 30seconds. After another 5 minutes for additional chemical self cure excess material was removed and some modeling was done by cutting back, although deliberatly minimally. The lady will be back in a fortnight and the molars will be checked anyway.

No etching and no bonding was used as instructed. No conditioner. This dental practice is rather unique in its combination of Healozone and GCP as we do not do any dental drilling at all in bodily dental tissues! This is our unique selling proposition USP. (Although I may drill out old amalgam.) It saves having to get rid of a smear layer caused by drilling with conditioner. In my humble opinion, pure preparation with Healozone with no drilling will enhance the proteïn adhesion of the Glass Carbomer material. It may require cavities to be left open for a while in order to heal, supported with special nutritional advice and after care.

This GCP filling material is unique that it will self bond through proteïn adhesion with natural dentine forming into biofusion with formation of pseudo dentine / enamel. The repairs have self healing properties, amazing as it sounds. The patient asked how this could be assured which I presume can only be checked after she passes away. We will see if the repairs hold. If not, we’ll try again. Root infection is ruled out anyway.

The chemical engineers of GCP set out to develop and produce a biocompatibel material (inspired by fossile shark teeth from the Myoceen) based on hydroxy apatite, fluor apatite and siliciumdioxide to be mixed with alkyl acid and the like into a flowable paste which will set in a little over a minute to be cured with a special heat lamp for proper adhesion. Although most suitable for the posteriors I prefer the material so much now that in some cases I place it in the incisors as well.

To the benefit of our international contacts, this study case in the English language. From what I hear the NHS in the UK has included GCP for reimbursement. The GCP company has stated their goal of 50 percent use of their products by dentists within three years time. This may seem overly ambitious. However, in combination with HealOzone this product line may revolutionize dentistry eventually worldwide. Endodontic treatments will be reduced by at least 80 per cent and that is a very conservative estimate.

Shareholders of GCP will have to stand strong in their shoes not to be swallowed up by some large buy out offer which may be tempting. To reach their ambitions they may need venture capital but smart marketing may be even more essential.

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